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PondXpert SpinClean AUTO 40000 Pond Filter - 55w UV

The latest development in pond filter technology, the Spinclean AUTO advances upon our standard Spinclean model by introducing a motorised cleaning function. 

Once the filter has became full of dirt, the red cleaning indicator will display. From there, simply switch off the pump and turn the outlet to 'waste'. The cleaning paddle will then be activated for three minutes, clearing the foam of debris. From there, switch the pump back on to remove the remaining dirty water.

This super easy-clean feature reduces the frequency of a full clean.

The dislodged waste exits the filter via the waste outlet.

Removes the physical effort required with other pond filters.


  • Solid build quality

  • Tap on waste discharge valve stops any leaks

  • UVC working indicator

  • Waste indicator pops up when filter needs cleaning

  • Automated motor cleaning eliminates manual effort

  • Max Pond Size - 40000 litres
  • Max Flow - 20000 lph
  • UV Wattage - 55 w
  • Inlet Size - 20-40 mm