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Pontec PondoMatic Pond Vacuum

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Full and powerful 1400 watt power from the PondoMactic pond vacuum that will eliminate sludge, leaves and algae in ponds and pools.

The PondoMatic is small and compact but powerful and will reliably remove debris that has sunk to the pond floor.

A handle height of 2m that allows the debris to be removed into the 30l sludge tank, then emptied with automatic activation of the tank with integrated timed control.

Product Features

Powerful high suction - 1400 watt

Maximum suction height - 2m

Small and compact design with a 30l sludge tank 

Automatic activation and emptying of the sludge tank with integrated time control

Includes 3 suction nozzles 

Includes 4m suction hose and 2m discharge hose 

2 year guarantee