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Sakura Far Infrared Shower Filter Media

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Sakura Far Infrared Shower Media is made with the best ceramic resources, such as tourmaline, silica and germanium. By heating it to temperatures of 1800 degrees celcius, a very porous mineral rock is created. This way, Sakura Far Infrared Shower Media can accommodate vastly larger bacteria colonies.
Organic solids and rotting material are broken down more quickly than in other filter media. Doing this, the medium maintains the ecological balance in your pond. It furthermore does not erode and is pH-neutral.
Sakura Far Infrared Shower Media is suitable for use inside as well as outside, and is particularly effective when used with any of the following filtration systems: bakki showers, koi pond filters, trickle filters, and aerated compartmentalised filters. For the best results, the water must be poured over the material very rapidly.
Thickness: 42mm
Length: 165mm
 Sakura Far Infrared Shower Media is comparable to 35 litres of filter medium.
4/5 boxes is required for a single width Momotaro Bakki shower.