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Sander Fresh Skim 200 Protein Skimmer

Sander fresh water protein skimmers Fresh-Skim have been developed especially for the treatment of pond water and are ideal for the Koi enthusiast. Fresh-Skim provides you with crystal clear water, and protein compounds and turbidity are removed before they become harmful for the system.

Fresh-Skim, like all Sander skimmers, is ready for the operation with ozone and will serve perfectly as an ozone reactor.

In fresh water, the use of ozone enhances and increases the efficiency of the skimming process. It offers valuable advantages like disinfection, oxidization of nitrites and yellow substance, and, at the same time, oxygen enrichment of the water.

Height - 1800mm

Air Flow - 1000-2500lph

Water Flow - 3000 litres per hour

Pond Size - up to 20000 litres