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Seneye Leak Detector

Seneye Leak Detector, warning you about a leak before its too late.

Sensor diameter is 66mm and this weighted version is heavier than the slim version so it can be weighed down on top of your cables. This sensor is available with a 1m or 2m cable.

 The Seneye leak detector will send you an alert when water is leaking from your tank or pipes. Simply place the detector where water would gather in the event of a leak, and when water touches the gold plate of the detector you will receive an alert

The Seneye leak detector requires a Seneye web server to be connected to and will upload alerts to the same account as your sensor where they will be visible as events on your seneye.me dashboard

The Leak Detector requires a Seneye Web Server, but is easy to connect and plugs straight into your existing system, with up to 2 Leak Detectors per Web Server, so your tank will be even more protected in no time at all.*

Instructions for connecting your Leak Detector to your Seneye Web Server can be found here.

*With 2 Leak Detectors connected, your SWS will send you an alert when either one detects a leak.