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Standard Black In-wall Skimmer

The Standard Black In-wall skimmer(Liner / Concrete) is a very low priced skimmer and also is available in the widemouth model. Both models can be supplied with a grid to prevent fish entering the skimmer and getting damaged or causing a blockage. Please use the drop down menu to select the item you require.

Ideal for keeping the water surface clear of floating debris, such as leaves or dust of fish food.
An essential item of any serious koi pond. To be built in to the edge of the pond at the time
of construction.

Standard Skimmer Specifications

  • Standard Skimmer for ponds upto 2000gallons
  • Flow rate 800 to 1200gph
  • Standard Skimmer throat width 190mm
  • 1 1/2" Male Union required

Standard Wide Angle Skimmer Specifications

  • Wide Angle Skimmer for ponds upto 4000gallons
  • Flow rate 1500 to 2000gph
  • Wide Angle Skimmer throat width 350mm
  • 1 1/2" Male Union required