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Synergy 55 Drum Filter

SYNERGY - Teamwork at its best!

The Synergy 55 drum filter offers ultra efficient mechanical filtration for koi ponds, allowing virtually maintenance free cleaning of your biological filter.

Built to a very high standard, the filter features the following;

  • Flow rate of 12,100 gallons per hour 
  • 4 x 110mm inlets and 2 x 110mm outlet 
  • Dry run protection 
  • 70 micron screen with Blanketweed and debris trap 
  • 110mm descending waste gutter 
  • Fully automatic control panel, manually adjustable, can be controlled via your device ( Ipad etc) 
  • Lid with safety cut off switch
  • Blanketweed and debris trap 
  • 5.5 bar cleaning pump 
  • 210nm ultra reliable motor 
  • Direct drive 
  • Filter can still be run if the motor fails 
  • Full 2 year warranty ( exc. screen) 
  • Dimensions— External ; 806mm x 776mm x 756mm ( LxWxH ) 
  • Drum Size—620mm (D) x 415 (W) 
  • Maximum Water Level - 645mm 
  • Installation height is 14.5cm below water level of the pond.