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Takazumi Mix

Takazumi Mix Koi Food


Takazumi Mix is a complete, well-balanced, professional Koi feed with all the nutrition for a healthy Koi life, optimum fast growth and intensive colouration. Takazumi Mix is a high quality nutrition that does not make the water cloudy. Due to the combination of two top feeds – GoldPlus and High Growth – your Koi will develop a superb colouration and prosperous growth. Astaxanthin enhances the Koi’s pigmentation, showing its colours to full advantage. The high digestibility adds to a considerable decrease of the load on the filter system and a better water quality. The pellets are floating, which provides a clear and manageable feeding behaviour.
Feed only at water temperatures of 10°C and above.


Product Sizes:

1kg, 2.5kg, 4.5kg and 10kg



Composition: Fish meal, Fish and vegetable oils, Cereals, Wheat germs, Amino acids and natural minerals, trace elements and premix


Analytical Constituents:
- Crude Protein = 40.0%
- Crude Oils and Fats = 9.5%
- Carbohydrates = 31.1%
- Crude Fibre = 2.4%
- Crude Ash = 6.5%
- Phosphorus = 1.2%
- Vitamin A = 0.56 IU/kg
- Vitamin D3 = 106 IU/kg
- Vitamin E = 192 mg/kg
- Vitamin C (stabilised) = 300 mg/kg
- Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, K3
- H (biotin) and choline
- Copper Sulphate = 5.1 mg/kg
- Astaxanthin = 5 mg/kg