UltraBead 140 (20,000 gallons) mechanical and biological filtration for koi ponds
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UltraBead 140 (20,000 gallons) 165kg Beads

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  • Biological and mechanical filtration in one
  • Simple and quick cleaning
  • Maximum flow with minimal pressure loss
  • Filtration up to 5 microns
  • Standard with bypass
  • Most compact filter system on the market

All models are standard equipped with a totally new designed multiport valve construction with integrated by-pass. This guarantees a maximum flow with minimal pressure loss.

TYPE Media (beads) Max. pond Max. fish load
UB 60 120 ltr 40 m³ 100 kg
UB 100 170 ltr 60 m³ 135 kg
UB 140  255 ltr 100 m³ 200 kg