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Valterra PVC Slide Valves

Valterra Slide Valves are used to control the flow of water to and from a koi pond, pond filter, pond pumps, and other accessories. 

They can be installed before filters to shut off the water flow for cleaning, or can be used in return pipework to reduce or stop flow to the pond. You can use a slide valve to control water to waterfalls and blades - it's wise to turn these off in winter as they can act as massive heat exchangers and can chill the pond.

Slide valves are easy to use, simply pull or push the handle to open or close the valve. Installing them requires the use of Solvent Cement. Our Valterra slides valves are suitable for use with PVC Pressure Pipe (usually grey, thick wall PVC pipe), or can be used with domestic waste pipe by using the Pressure to Waste Reducing Rings. The exception to this is the 110mm valve, which can be solvent welded directly to 110mm pipe. 

Slide valves, by design can pass a small amount of water, which can get worse over time. With that in mind, we wouldn't recommend them on waste lines - if the valve passed on a waste line you will be losing water from your pond.  For waste lines, we would always recommend using a ball valve

If you have a slide valve that is passing water, we do sell replacement seal kits.