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Vetark Aqua-Sed

Aqua-Sed anaesthetic for pet fish

Aqua-Sed is based on the tried and tested active ingredient 2-phenoxyethanol, and it comes in a bottle with an easy-to-use measuring pump. It's a liquid with a very wide safety margin and has been used for anaesthetising fish for many years (reports go back to 1943). Please note that any anaesthetic a carries a risk, sometimes because the fish may have an unknown/undiagnosed problem which may cause an issue. For this reason we do not suggest the routine use of anaesthesia of koi carp for a general check-up.

Aqua-Sed is is also suitable for use as a fish euthanasia product (at 4x the normal dose), which will enable fish keepers to humanely euthanise seriously ill or severely injured fish. Aqua-Sed also presents a significant leap forward for pet fish welfare, carrying instructions on how to humanely euthanise pet fish.