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The 26th Niigata Nishikigoi Auction - Place your bids now!

by Chris Thomas February 29, 2020 1 min read

The 26th Niigata Nishikigoi Auction - Place your bids now! - Kitsu Koi

Do you fancy bidding on some amazing koi and leaving them to grow with the breeders in Japan until October 2020?

Due to the Coronavirus, lots of the auctions in Japan have changed to 'bid method', rather than a live auction.

'The 26th Niigata Nishikigoi Auction, which was scheduled to be held on March 9 (Monday), will consider the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus, We will inform you that we have determined that it is difficult to hold the event at the venue as a result of taking into account aspects.

In addition, the carp posted on the website will be changed to "bid method" sales.'

If you would like to bid on any of the fish listed on the link below, please provide by PRIVATE MESSAGE, email, or Whatsapp your maximum price, entry number, and breeder.

Due to the change of event details, we will work on a low commission. Koi are to be paid at the end of the auction if you are sucessful. Shipping or further growing to be paid in October 2020.

To see the acution koi,


Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chris has been keeping koi for over 25 years, and dealing in koi for 15 years. Travelling to Japan to select new stocks is the favourite aspect of the business, closely followed by being on the tools pond building.

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