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BlackStone BL7-2 Dosing Pump

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The BlackStone BL7-2 dosing pump is suitable for use with the Thermo Scientific Alpha pH560 pH controller when using RO on a koi pond. Using the BlackStone BL7-2 dosing pump will allow the pH controller to deliver a precise amount of bicarbonate solution to maintain a steady pH - essential when running extremely soft water in a koi pond.

A great deal of time, effort and research has gone into the production of BlackStone Pumps, making sure they are manufactured to the highest level of mechanical precision, capable of resisting the negative effects of most aggressive chemicals.

The low-maintenance BlackStone range covers a wide spectrum of dosing capacities and all made with positive displacement solenoid driven pumps that use a minimum number of moving parts, therefore reducing the risk of mechanical failure and ensuring each stroke is identical for a consistent flow rate. (Scroll down for a full list of materials used in the pump’s construction.)

Each pump measures 194 x 165 x 121 mm (7.6 x 6.5 x 4.8 inches), and weighs 3 kg (6.6lb). Installation has been made easy with ready-drilled holes for horizontal or vertical mounting. Easy operation has also been considered with a single control for pump output.

*IP65 (International Protection Rating) equals dust tight and water jet protected.

 The BL7-2 BlackStone Chemical Dosing Pump has a flow rate of 7.6 LPH (Litres per hour), rated pressure 3 bar (44.1 psi), and dosing frequency strokes per minute of 120. Power supply: 220/240 VAC.

Simple operation is guaranteed with a single control for pump output. The external flow rate control (potentiometer), on the face of the pump, allows users to adjust the percentage of flow from 0 to 100 per cent thus eliminating concerns over stroke rate or power settings. An LED Indicator lights up each time a stroke begins, allowing the user to keep an eye on the stroke rate from a distance.

Each pump is supplied with discharge and suction valves.