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Thermo Scientific Alpha PH560 pH/ORP Controller

The Eutech/Thermo Scientific Alpha pH 560 pH controller is used alongside RO for the ultimate precision in water manipulation. The pH controller prevents pH crash when running RO on koi ponds.

Alpha pH 560 limit control meter simplifies the task of controlling several processes with two set-point relays. Separately adjustable high and low hysteresis ensures chatter-free signals, preventing false alarms and unnecessary down-times.

Use with the Sentek ph/ATC probe for best results. Can be used to operate the Bluestone BL7-2 dosing pump.

Separately adjustable High/Low hysteresis with user-adjustable time delay of up to 2000 seconds for minimal chattering and false alarm

  • Two switching contacts as set-point relays

  • Large UV Light protected LCD with backlight

  • Symmetrical Mode option gives clear, accurate readings in electrically noisy ambient

  • Push button operation for easy set-up programming and customization

  • US and NIST auto buffer recognition for quick, 

  • easy calibration

  • Reliable, accurate measurements at different temperature with Automatic Temperature Compensation